Our Vision and Mission

our  vision

Regional transformation through individual restoration, empowerment, and release.

Our mission

To restore people through the message of the Gospel, the power of love, and the grace of God's anointing to destroy the powers of darkness.

We are

Stepping away from church as usuaL

Instead of following the crowd, we're intently focused on following "the cloud":  Going wherever the Holy Spirit takes us as we pursue Jesus with zeal and passion.  As a result, we have rethought the way we do ministry.


Our worship services are completely Christ-centered. We are taking the business and traditions of men out of our services so the Holy Spirit will always be free to move, the word will be taught without compromise, and the five-fold gifts will be in operation at every service. We will also have fellowship and community each Sunday as we seek the Lord together.


Our members take part in discipleship classes that are based on the infallible word of God. These classes are designed to edify, equip and train up disciples who are grounded in truth, walking in the culture of the kingdom and prepared for every good work.


The bible teaches that we should disciple on another. Therefore, each member at Kingdom Keys Ministries is given a life coach and an under shepherd who provide the support and encouragement they need to stay grounded in their walk with Christ.


We recognize that each individual is at a different place in their walk with the Lord. Therefore, have built into our culture gauges to help ensure that each person is being discipled in the areas that uniquely aid in their personal and spiritual growth.

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